Gas Service

Our definitions of a Gas Appliance Service
The way we specify operations that are to be carried out will normally be defined in the manufactures maintenance instructions, but they may not necessary define their operations required to service the appliance. In their absence the following items should be addressed.

  • dismantle & clean burner(s) and injector(s), check for physical deterioration in both.
  • dismantle and clean pilot assembly (where fitted).
  • inspect and clean flue ways in heat exchanger, check for physical deterioration.
  • inspect and clean combustion fan (where fitted).
  • check for water and electrical integrity (where appropriate).
  • check satisfactory operation of all safety devices eg. flame failure devices vitiation.
  • check burner pressure/gas rate against data plate figures and adjust where necessary.
  • check condition of combustion chamber seats (where appropriate).
  • check for satisfactory flue arrangements (includes inspection of catchment’s space where appropriate).
  • test to ensure flue flow and removal of products of combustion, check satisfactory provision of ventilation.
  • investigate any other evidence of unsafe operation and report any apparent defects to a responsible person(s).

McCann Building Services deem an appliance not to have been serviced unless the above points have been completed