Hints & Tips

Plumbing & Heating

wipe down bathroom fittings daily with soapy water while they are still warm.
do not mix different cleaners in the toilet bowl, they may react and give off poisonous fumes.
dripping taps need the washer changing or limescale may occur and stain the basin.
have your boiler, heating & plumbing checked and serviced at least one a year.
avoid future problems with your electrical supply by having a safe well maintained system

Electrical & Domestic Appliances

have the system checked every five years or if you move house.
change to a modern consumer unit with a built in residual current device (RCD) – this cuts off the power automatically in case of accidents.
consider electrical heating if you are planning an extension.
switch off & unplug all appliances at least once a week, it prolongs their life.