Garage Conversions

Domestic Garage Conversion – Building Regulation Information

This guidance note is intended to help anyone intending to undertake domestic garage conversion work.

An internal and External view of a garage conversion

Garage conversions require a Building Regulation application i.e. a Full Plans application or Building Notice submission, where the intention is to provide:

  • An extra bedroom
  • A bathroom or en-suite
  • A playroom
  • A study/office
  • Kitchen/dining extension

NB: A professional Garage Conversion Company will normally make all applications of your behalf – however if you have any doubts about either the planning or building regulation process you should contact the building control department at your local council.

Other Approvals:

Electrical Installations need to be either, installed by a Registered Part P Electrical Installer, or inspected and tested by a building control body (for which an additional charge is payable).

In addition to Building Regulation approval you may also require Planning Permission.

Why Inform the Building Control Service at your local council?

Building Control will help achieve the construction standards set out in The Building Regulations. Future sales of properties where work has been completed without Building Regulation approval can be difficult.

It should be noted that garage conversions can be quite complex building work. There should also be awareness of the health and safety aspects affecting building occupiers. Therefore the following points must be considered and catered for in conversions:

homeowner or their agent / contractor for more specific local information.

  • The floor/room layout requires a safe and easy exit route in the event of fire.
  • The provision of an escape window may be required in certain cases.
  • Thermal insulation will be required to the floor, external walls and any area involving an external roof area over the room.
  • Rapid and background ventilation is required to most rooms.
  • Condensation, if not properly catered for especially in areas where it cannot be seen can cause problems. This will involve the provision of ventilation measures above ceilings to external roof areas.
  • The floor and external walls and roof of the conversion are required to be resistant to weather and ground moisture.
  • If a bathroom, shower room, kitchen or utility room is to be formed then additional ventilation measures such as mechanical ventilation will be required to prevent excessive condensation.
  • If a large garage is only part converted to habitable accommodation, the new separating wall will require to achieve thermal insulation equal to a new external wall and it will also need to achieve 30 minutes fire separation.